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Boiler Service and Repairs in Worcester

We offer boiler servicing and repairs throughout Worcestershire, Warwickshire & the West Midlands.

Call outs start at just £45 (Pricing Below) 

Your Local Worcester Boiler Service

We should always keep an eye on our boilers – they can be temperamental. They are a core household feature; not visible or there to impress guests, but incredibly important in terms of keeping your house in running order. That’s why if boilers don’t get regularly checked by the right people, they can breakdown and cost a fortune to repair, or even a Worcester boiler installation.

We are the number one for boiler repairs and boiler servicing in Worcester. We cover every aspect; minor fixes to full strip downs. Our dedicated team of boiler experts are always on hand 24/7 to deal with all of your boiler problems. We have vast experience in managing all boiler issues and pride ourselves on being the most responsive company in Worcester for all things boilers.

What Happens During A Boiler Service

Understanding exactly what is happening during your boiler service, will allow you not only to make sure that our engineers are doing an excellent job, but it will also make you are more aware of what you need to be looking out for to prevent you any costly boiler repairs in Worcester in the future.

1. Visual inspection

Leaks, corrosion and other general damage will be the first priority for our engineers. They will examine the boiler and it's surrounding for any signs of these issues, or other general damage,

2. Working controls

It might sound very basic, but all controls, functions and safety devices should be checked.

3. Removal of Case

Our engineers will remove the boiler case to see if the main components (heat exchanger, burner, spark probe, etc.) are working as they should. This is something which should only be done by a gas safe engineer, so don't ever attempt it yourself.

4. Gas Pressure

All boilers have a requirement for a minimum and maximum gas pressure to ensure correct operation. This will need to be checked to make sure it is at the correct level.

5. Flue Check

Dangerous emissions have to leave your house safely. This will involve making sure that there are no obstructions blocking the flue and that it is fitted correctly

5. Cleaning all components

Main burner, heat exchanger, ignition pins and flue ways need to be clean so the boiler can work properly. After this step, the case will be put back in place and the specialist will make sure your boiler is in working order.

Worcester Boiler Repair Process

1. give us a call.

We are available around the clock, and when it comes to boiler breakdowns we know how important it can be to get some round asap, so don’t hesitate out of typical working hours.

2. One of our engineers will arrive to repair your boiler

We will send round one of our engineers as fast as possible. They will assess the situation and aim to fix it then and there.  Throughout the repair they will treat your home with the upmost care and explain the situation to you.

3. Necessary parts

Occasionally, our engineers may need to put a short fix in place, whilst they source the necessary parts to get your boiler back to normal. Once these parts are collected they will return straight away to get your boiler back on track.

4. Warranty & future service

We will always be on hand to sort out any future issues with your boiler. The work we complete will also be covered by guarantees, so you don’t have to worry about cowboys not doing the job right. 

Gas Safe Boiler Repairs and Servicing

At Elgar Heating and Plumbing Services, all our engineers are gas safe registered. This is a legal requirement for any company dealing with boilers. On our entry, feel free to ask for our gas safety ID as we would expect you to ask this from any other company in Worcester if they are dealing with your gas appliances. 

gas safe boiler repair Worcester

Boiler Repair & Service Pricing

Regular Annual Boiler Service

£ 80 +VAT
  • Inclusive of a gas safety inspection

Weekday Boiler Repair Call out

£ 65 +VAT

Weekend Boiler Repair Call out

£ 85 +VAT

Why Get Your Boiler Serviced

Boiler Servicing once a year doesn’t only prevent troublesome breakdowns, it is also key to making sure you are not susceptible to dangerous carbon monoxide leaking into your home. Each year A&E receives around 4,000 submissions due to carbon monoxide poisoning. On top of this fires and explosions are also a potential hazard from your boiler. At Elgar Heaitng and Plumbing we will ensure that your boiler is kept  in the best condition, so you can sleep easy at night.

Although Worcester boiler repairs are one of our main services, we prefer to be carrying our boiler servicing for our clients as it is far more cost efficient and hassle free for them.  Save money by get your boiler serviced and thus avoiding expensive repairs when your boiler is most needed. It is also a good idea to have regular maintenance carried out during the summer.  As our you won’t get any sudden boiler shocks when you start kicking it back into gear in the winter and our engineers are less busy, so they will have more time to spend sorting any issues out with you. Forget about the consequences of a breakdown in the middle of winter and let Elgar Heating and Plumbing Services take care of it for you.

If you are a landlord who has renting tenants or owns a commercial property, getting an annual boiler service is actually a legal requirement. All gas installations must checked, with the Gas Safety Records available for two years. Luckily we are able to operate on both commercial and residential boilers, so if you are a landlord no matter what the property is, give us a call to get your boiler serviced today.

by servicing your boiler regally, you are able to save a huge amount on your energy bills. Your boiler is responsible for around 50% of your households energy bills. Our engineers will make sure there isn’t an unnecessary waste of energy, so your bills are kept as low as possible. Save money and look after the planet as the same time by using us for your Worcester boiler servicing.

Most manufacturers state that you have to get an annual boiler service in order to be covered by their warranty. To avoid paying for breakdowns or new boiler out of your open pocket, make sure that you are getting your boiler serviced annually.

To be eligable for boiler cover, you need to keep your boiler serviced every year. Your boiler cover record let’s your insurance company know that you are following the terms on the agreement so you as homeowner are entitled to all the advantages you are paying for.

Customer Reviews

Ebella John customer review

I was in need of a boiler repair as our was playing up again. Jamie did it in a very short period of time. A big thanks to him for an exceptional service!

Ebella John

Meon vale customer review

Thanks to Dan for attending to our boiler. Polite, courteous and attention to detail. gave us confidence that the repair was needed and Dans experience really showed in his prognosis and diagnosis was spot on. Thanks once again and will definitely use you again. Highly Recommended.

Meon Vale Londis

james customer review boiler repair

We had an issue with our boiler where the heating was working, but had lost our hot water.

We called Elgar and the phone was answered within a few rings. Having described the problem we were having, the guys asked a few questions suggested it could be X or Y, but would be with us in 45 minutes to properly assess.

The guys from Elgar arrived within 30 mins, quickly assessed the problem and located (and collected!) the required parts from a local supplier within 15 minutes. Having agreed a price, they got to work in less than 2 hours from my original call, with the whole job finished within less than 3 hours from first answering the phone!


Rachel martin review

Eddie and his team could not have been more helpful! We were left without hot water and heating (not ideal in winter!) following a recent failed boiler service from another company. Eddie quickly came over to quote for the repair work we needed - new correct sized piping for our undersized gas pipe! Eddie was so helpful and managed to fit us in the next day! Engineer Rob was super professional and speedy. New pipework laid allowing our boiler to be safely switched back on - hurrah hot water and heating once again! We were delighted! Eddie and Rob saved us in our hour of need! Highly recommend!

Rachael Martin

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