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How to Install an Air Source Heat Pump: an Exact Guide

Air-source heat pumps offer a low-carbon alternative to many traditional methods when it comes to heating your home. Often also referred to as air-to-water source heat pumps, these units can be used to heat both radiators and underfloor heating, as well as your hot water stored in the hot water tank. In this guide, we’ll […]

Plumbing and Heating in Lower Broadheath, WR2

wr2 plumbing customer story

Last week we headed round to a customer’s home in the Lower Broadheath, WR2 – To carry out a range of plumbing and heating tasks which they needed sorting for their property. We first surveyed the work and gave the customer a quote for it all to be completed. Once they were happy to go […]

New Boiler installation for a customer in WR4

Boiler installation customer story wr4

A customer called up a couple of weeks ago needing a new combi boiler in the WR4 region in Worcester. They had been told previously that they could not have this type of boiler installed because of the low water pressure of their system. So, we turned up to the job ready to survey the […]