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Boiler Installation in Worcester

Accredited boiler installers in Worcester

Require A Boiler Replacement in Worcester?

There are some things you just can’t afford to do on your own. A boiler installation is one of them. Boilers are very complex and sometimes, a Worcester boiler repair simply will not do the trick. They need the right people, with the right expertise to manage them. We are the number one Worcester boiler installer, trusted locally and used to fitting a range of boilers. Save yourself the stress of trying to install your boiler on your own – call us today and we’ll get yours up and running in no time!

Why choose us for your Worcester boiler installation?

Extended warranty on new boilers

As we are accredited installers, many of our boiler installations are covered by 10+ years warranty. By maintaining your boiler, through an annual boiler service, you should always be fully covered.

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Affordable & Honest pricing

Typically, our boiler replacements vary between £1500-3000, but this is all dependant on the specification. But no matter what we make sure we can help you find the right type of boiler for both your home and your budget.

Professional Throughout

Our team boasts some of the most highly skilled and experienced heating engineers in the Worcester area. They’ve covered all boiler issues, and are experts in installations. If it’s experience and know-how you’re after, you have come to the right place.

Exceptional Customer Care

When carrying our a boiler installation we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. The big thing for us is that all of our work is completed at times that work best for you. Boiler installations can sometimes be frustrating or an inconvenience. We strive to ensure this is never the case with Elgar services.

How Getting Your New Boiler Works.

1. Give us a call.

We will book in a time for one of our boiler specialists to come round. This will be at a time which works best with you.

2. One of our engineers will carry out the inspection.

They will work out what type of boiler you want installed. This will be based on your previous boiler and a few other requirements.  

3. The installation

We always try to make your boiler installation as swift as possible, whilst leaving your home exactly how we found it. We will pick a time and date for your new boiler that works for you.

4. Warranty & future service

We will always be on hand to sort out any future issues with your boiler. The work we complete will also be covered by long warrantees. 

Brands for your boiler installations:

The Three Types Of Boilers We Install

Conventional Boiler

Conventional Boiler

The traditional boiler is typically suitable for homes with multiple bathrooms. They require two tanks to operate and come with an immersion heater backup so you are never cut short.

Combination boiler

Combination Boiler

Due to the combination boiler heating up almost instantly and being very compact, they are our most regularly installed boiler in Worcester. They have all the technical elements from a traditional boiler wrapped in one.

System boiler

System Boiler

The system boiler only uses one tank, so it means that they work in a similar way to conventional boilers, but requiring less room. These types of boilers are great for a range of house sizes. Due to t

Energy Efficient A-Rated Boilers - Save £200 per year

We make sure we are installing the most energy efficient boilers for your home. By doing so, we are able so save you a considerable amount each year on your energy bills, whilst reducing your households environmental impact from your new boiler. 

energy efficent boiler installations

Have a question about boiler installations?

We are always looking to provide quick and easy solutions. There’s nothing worse than workmen overstaying their welcome and missing the end date. We like to get things done efficiently. Depending on the size of the property and the project, we aim to get all boiler installations done in one day. Again, this may vary, but none of our boiler installations in worcester take longer than three days. We always keep all customers informed throughout the process, so you’re fully aware of how our work may impact your daily routine.

If you’re facing these issues, then it’s time you installed a new one. Many people think that one simple repair will do the job. But the reality is, once your boiler starts to breakdown, you’ll save far more money by installing a new one than repairing the same old temperamental one. 

Our team of expert Worcester boiler engineers are well equipped to deal with all boiler issues. Between them they have vast experience fitting state-of-the-art boilers from a range of suppliers. 

We install combi boilers,  conventional boilers, and system boilers. 

Once you set the date that you prefer us to come, we aim to get your new boiler installed within one day. This is because we want our customers to have minimum disruption, and only one day with no hot water or central heating. Sometimes this takes longer, but we ensure that the process is never longer than 3 days. You will be completely up to date with the process, and therefore will be aware of any possible delays to the service. Transparency and honesty will be a big commitment of our from the outset.

Yes, many of our boilers come with 10+ years warrantee for your peace of mind. 

Only if you have an EXPERT knowledge of boilers and plumbing, should you install your own boiler. Even so, you would not get a certificate (needed to sell your house), or a warranty. It is very dangerous if your boiler installation goes wrong, so we strongly advice you to seek a professional service.

What our customers say

Andre boiler installation google review

Eddie and his team did a fabulous job installing my new combi boiler. removing my old system and fitting my new boiler in my airing cupboard fantastic job.
Fast, friendly and professional from start to finish I'm delighted to recommend the services we received from Elgar Heating & Plumbing
5***** service


Mrs O google review worcester boiler installation

Rob replaced our boiler efficiently, worked tidily, did a great job and left us with a thorough explanation of how to use the system.Would highly recommend . Thank you

Mrs O

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