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GivEnergy Batteries

Here at Elgar Services, we install GivEnergy solar battery systems; perfect for both residential properties and smaller commercial sites, alike. Offering both a 5.2kWh and 9.5kWh battery, these batteries feature incredibly safe cell technology, are recyclable at the end of their usable life, and increased cell capacity. On average, here in the UK, using a 9.5kWh solar battery as an example, you can expect to make annual savings of around £1,000.

Check out more about the GivEnergy batteries we offer below:

GivEnergy Battery Pricing & Attributes


5.2kWh GivEnergy Battery
£ 3000 (install price)
  • 80% depth of discharge
  • Maximum of 5 batteries per inverter
  • IP65 Rating
  • 51.2VDC (voltage)
  • 10-year warranty


9.5kWh GivEnergy Battery
£ 5000 (install price)
  • 100% depth of discharge
  • Maximum of 5 batteries per inverter
  • IP65 Rating
  • 51.2VDC (voltage)
  • 10-year warranty
Is it Worth Fitting a Battery to Solar Panels?

It’s definitely worth fitting a battery to solar panels because it means there’s less pressure to utilise the energy generated by your solar panels as and when it comes in. Without a battery, much of the electricity produced goes to waste, but with a battery? No such problem.

Turn Your Solar Energy Into Extra Cash

If you find you have excess electricity, then you can sell some of that surplus back to the national grid and make yourself a bit of extra cash. Charging up your wallet – what’s not to like? 

Can't Decide If You Should Get A Solar Panel Batter?

We will provide you with a free quote after a quick consultation and analysis of your current setup. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are planning on installing a solar panel battery yourself, there are some key things to note:

  • Assess your energy requirements.
  • Choose an appropriate solar battery.
  • Correctly position the battery system.
  • If there are additional components required (like an inverter or charge controller), install them.
  • Connect the battery to the panels.
  • Follow the battery manufacturer’s manual to configure the battery correctly.
  • Monitor as you use it to ensure the battery’s working smoothly.


Again, however, we’d strongly advise utilising professionals who specialise in solar panel battery storage system installation. That way, you can be safe in the knowledge your battery will be installed completely correctly and safely.

The exact figure will vary depending on the battery in question, but a high-quality lithium-ion battery will typically cost in the region of £3,000 to £6,000. If you want a more exact figure on how much your battery retrofitting will cost you, get in touch!

Existing solar panel systems can have solar batteries retrofitted, and whilst it’s possible to install one of these battery systems yourself, we’d always recommend using an installer to ensure that proper load calculations are carried out, and that high-quality charge controllers are used.

One of the benefits of utilising a solar panel system complete with battery is that it broadens your off-grid capabilities, and is immensely helpful in the event of a power outage. If you were to solely use your solar panels and battery system, you could expect to run a house for a day or so.


In terms of longevity, a solar battery will generally last for 15 years or so before needing replacing, providing it’s well looked after. A well-maintained solar panel system, by comparison, lasts on average between 20 and 30 years.

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