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Looking for state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels in Worcester and the surrounding area?

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How We Work


We'll have a phone call to discuss your energy needs, your roof size, and the timeline for your project, as well as answering any questions you may have.


We get to work installing your solar panels, doing so with as little disruption to your home as possible. Efficient and conscientious - that's our method.

3. Efficient & Cost Saving Energy

You get greener energy, greater independence from the grid, and even the potential for some extra cash by selling what you don't use!

How many Solar Panels are needed to Power A Typical House?

The answer to this question depends on the size of your home, but if we take a three-bedroom property as an example, then between 10 to 12 panels will usually be required.


How efficient are solar panels now?

The field of photovoltaic technology has seen substantial breakthroughs in recent years, leading to a notable surge in solar panel energy efficiency within the last decade and a half. A mere 15 years ago, the efficiency of these panels barely reached a modest 10-12%.

However, today’s solar panels boast efficiency metrics between 15-20%! The creation of enduring solar cells, panels capable of operating even in darkness, and those equipped to follow the sun’s trajectory, have collectively resulted in an ongoing elevation of solar technology standards.

Want An Exact Price On Your Solar Panel Installation?

Our Solar Panels


5.16kW Solar PV: 12x430W Panel ‘Jinko Tiger Neo’ System + Solaredge
£ £6,895
(inclusive of VAT)
  • Lifetime panel warranty
  • 15-year inverter warranty
  • Remote monitoring capability


5.16kW Solar PV​; 12x430W Panel ‘Jinko Tiger Neo’ ​;5.2kW GivEnergy Battery​
£ £9,895
(inclusive of VAT)
  • Lifetime panel warranty
  • 15-year inverter warranty
  • Remote monitoring capability


5.16kW Solar PV: 12x430W Panel ‘Jinko Tiger Neo’ System + Solaredge + 9.5kW GivEnergy Battery
£ £11,895
(inclusive of VAT)
  • Lifetime panel warranty
  • 15-year inverter warranty
  • Remote monitoring capability

Your Savings Summary


Harnessing self-generated electricity from solar panels can lead to significant cost reductions on energy bills. A typical household with a 3.5 kilowatt-peak system can potentially lower its annual expenditure by £195 to £480. Furthermore, the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, which mandates energy suppliers with more than 150,000 customers to pay for the surplus energy generated, allows homeowners to earn up to £130 a year.

The tariff rates for the unused electricity vary significantly between providers, therefore switching to a supplier offering the best rate is advised. Even a rate of 5p per kWh could lead to earnings between £90 and £130 annually. Those with solar installations prior to 31 March 2019, under a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) scheme, may already be receiving a higher payoff, but if on a variable SEG tariff, switching to a higher-paying provider is possible.

Household Characteristics Annual Solar Savings
Low Energy Consumption
- 1-2 tenants
- Consuming 1,500-2,000 kWh/year
Average Energy Consumption
- 3-4 tenants
- Consuming 2,500-3,500 kWh/year
High Energy Consumption
- 5+ tenants
- Consuming 4,000+ kWh/year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re planning on installing solar panels – and we hope you are! – then you need to let your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) know. The easiest thing to do? Use solar panel installers in Worcester, and they should be able to complete any necessary paperwork for you whilst you put your feet up and relax.

Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme, certain properties are eligible for completely free solar panels. Eligible households must be a member of the Help to Heat Group (HTHG).


Properties that are eligible will fall under bands D-G, and the scheme is designed to help improve the efficiency of these homes by retrofitting more efficient energy solutions (such as solar panels). Get in touch to find out whether your property is eligible.

Our team of expert Worcester boiler engineers are well equipped to deal with all boiler issues. Between them they have vast experience fitting state-of-the-art boilers from a range of suppliers. 

Yes, it’s worth getting solar panels here in the UK. Installation figures have continually increased in recent times, and it’s no wonder why. Solar panels can save up to a staggering 90% on your energy bills (as per recent information from UK energy provider Octopus).

The UK Government has dedicated £4 billion to the ECO4 scheme, and if you’re eligible for the scheme, you can receive up to £14,000 towards energy-saving implementations like solar panels.

10Kw is more than enough! In fact, most properties require much less than that to run their home; most average-sized homes can run off a 3Kw solar system, with the very largest normal homes still only requiring up to a 6Kw system. Of course, if you live in a stately home or mansion, then this might be different, but for most people? You won’t need a 10Kw system.

Only if you have an EXPERT knowledge of boilers and plumbing, should you install your own boiler. Even so, you would not get a certificate (needed to sell your house), or a warranty. It is very dangerous if your boiler installation goes wrong, so we strongly advice you to seek a professional service.

What our customers say

Andre boiler installation google review

Eddie and his team did a fabulous job installing my new combi boiler. removing my old system and fitting my new boiler in my airing cupboard fantastic job.
Fast, friendly and professional from start to finish I'm delighted to recommend the services we received from Elgar Heating & Plumbing
5***** service


Mrs O google review worcester boiler installation

Rob replaced our boiler efficiently, worked tidily, did a great job and left us with a thorough explanation of how to use the system.Would highly recommend . Thank you

Mrs O

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