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Water Quality & Legionnaires' Risk Assessment

Poor Household Plumbing Can Cause Tap Water Quality Failure & Uneccessary Dangers

Do you need advice on water quality problems including cloudy or discoloured water, unpleasant taste or odour, Legionnaires’ disease or concerns about lead in your water supply, to name just a few?

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Whenever you alter or replace pipework in the home or business premises, it makes sense to only use approved plumbing materials and an approved plumber.

In a report by the Chief Inspector of Drinking Water nearly a quarter of water sample failures taken at customers’ taps didn’t reach quality standards because of the household plumbing. Of these, 24 per cent were caused by poor plumbing practices, wrongly connected pipework, sub-standard fixtures and fittings.

At Elgar Heating and Plumbing Services we are highly experienced, knowledgeable and have insurance and customer care schemes in place so that our customers can trust they are employing competent and qualified professionals who will not compromise the quality of one of most important services in their homes.

For the control of legionella bacteria, concerns of water quality or the installation of new pipework, contact us today on 0800 112 3433

You probably don’t think about your heating system until you have no hot water!

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Commercial Plumbing demands only the most reliable equiptment: