They may not be the standout visual feature you’ve always been looking for, but boilers are undoubtedly one of the most essential household components. We use them every day; whether it’s a warm shower to wake you up in the morning, or turning up the radiators on chilly days. 

In fact, boilers account for approximately 60% of our energy bills. Such a major household appliance needs effective and regular maintenance; otherwise, you risk losing tonnes of money later down the line. A fully-functioning boiler will ensure you this: 

When does a boiler need replacing? 

There’s no guaranteed lifespan for a boiler. As with most things, the more you look after yours, the longer it is likely to survive. On average, boilers are expected to last for 10 to 15 years; although, we advise you get a boiler service in Worcester every year, to rule out any issues. 

That’s not to say things can’t go wrong before the 10-year mark. As locally-trusted plumbing and heating Worcester engineers, we’ve seen plenty of boilers breakdown before their sell-by date. Apart from the obvious indicators, like no hot water or freezing cold radiators, it can be hard to identify when your boiler isn’t quite right. Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for, that suggest you need a new one. 

  1. Strange Smells and Odd Noises

These two things are never good – boiler or not. If yours is emitting either, then it’s likely there’s an internal problem with your boiler. 

  1. Needs frequent repairs

Boilers are like cars: when lots of things start to go wrong and you see the engineer far too much, it’s probably time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. 

  1. Unusual Flame Colour 

The ideal boiler flame should be blue. If it’s not, it’s likely something is wrong. A yellow flame is particularly worrying as it indicates carbon monoxide. This can cause dizziness, nausea and headaches along with other unpleasant symptoms – so do not hesitate to get in touch if this is the case.

  1. Fluctuating Water Temperature 

If your water is always going hot and cold, you may need your boiler re-pressurised. If this doesn’t work, you need to get your hands on a new one. 

We must always keep an eye – and ear – on our boilers. If you ignore any potential problems, you risk costing yourself serious amounts of money when it eventually goes caput. If you feel like you’re ready to replace your boiler, get in touch today. We are renowned as the number one service provider for boiler installations in Worcester and Bromsgrove. Give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation quote.