The year 2020 made us realize that cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance. It became important to come up with designs and interiors that were easy to clean and maintain hygiene. 

One of the areas of your home that must be kept clean and hygienic at all times is the bathroom. This is a high-traffic area and must-have a design and interior that ensures the utmost cleanliness, whilst also looking aesthetically appealing.

Well, luckily, 2021 has brought to light several bathroom designs and interior fittings that will ensure that you have a beautiful space that can be efficiently cleaned. If you have been thinking of renovating your bathroom, you might want to consider the following options your Worcester Bathroom fitters can start putting together for you.

Smart Toilets

Oh yes! Smart toilets are not just a thing for the rich and luxurious. These toilets can be installed in your bathroom too. And they are a great addition to the post-pandemic bathroom. 

Smart toilets make it easier to use and clean in the long run. These toilets have several hands-free features such as touch-free flushing, automatic closing lids, and more. This reduces the contact with germs and thus chances of infection. Make sure to call professional Worcester plumbers and bathroom fitters in your area if you want one to be installed.

Larger Wall Tiles

The most preferred type of bathroom wall tiles is tiny mosaics tiles. But say goodbye in 2021. This year is all about large bathroom tiles with beautiful designs and reduced grout spaces.

This means reduced chances of dirt accumulation with easy cleaning options. So, using larger wall tiles will not only make your bathroom look stylish but will also ensure that you can easily clean this space. 

Space Efficient Bathtubs

If you thought that amid stylish and trendy showers, bathtubs are losing their charm, you have been mistaken! The pandemic this year allowed people to realize the importance of relaxation and resting.

Bathtubs are the best place to relax, adding essential oils, bath bubbles, candles, and soft music.

These days, most decent bathroom fitters are able to get you a stylish and space-efficient bath tub. So, if you are renovating your bathroom, a space-efficient and stylish bathtub will be a great addition. Don’t forget to call us as your bathroom fitters and professional plumbers in Worcester.

Quartz Countertops

In the latest 2021 bathroom trends, quartz as a material for countertops has ruled all over the world. Quartz is not prone to scratches and stains. Moreover, quartz is easy to clean and has fewer chances of fostering bacteria giving a germ-free surface. 

Quartz requires less maintenance and will last long. So, if you are looking for a great countertops material, make sure to consider quartz countertops.

Heated Flooring and Wood-Look Tiles

Yes, that’s right! The year 2021 is all about wood-look ceramic or porcelain tiles with heated flooring for a spa-like feel. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are versatile and have excellent designs and finish.

But that’s not it! Ceramic tiles are also easy to maintain and clean, resistant to bacteria and moisture with hypoallergenic characteristics. With wood-look tiles, you can get in line with the latest natural and organic look for bathrooms. 

Floating Vanities

This is one of the latest spaces saving storage solution for your renovated bathroom. Most floating vanities are contemporary design but has options for customization. Your floating vanities can fit with all the bathroom essentials such as faucets, sinks and hardware that match the style. 

Floating vanities are not like bulky floor-standing vanities that take up a lot space and create an excellent bed for the growth of bacteria. Instead, floating vanities make it easy to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic. In this post-pandemic time, having a regular schedule of cleaning your bathrooms is a must. So, if you are renovating your bathroom, floating vanities will be a great choice. 

These six most popular bathroom fittings must be a part of your bathroom renovation in 2021. Along with bathroom fitting services, you will also need Worcester Plumbing services to ensure that your bathroom has the right inflow and outflow of water. 

You can give us a call at Elgar Services. We are based in the West Midlands and are known to provide the finest plumbing and bathroom fitters in Worcester. We can work with residential and commercial properties efficiently. 

Our team of professionals are certified and experienced to provide these services to the customers in the region. So, if you want bathroom renovations and plumbing services, get in touch with us at Elgar Services today.