A customer called up a couple of weeks ago needing a new combi boiler in the WR4 region in Worcester. They had been told previously that they could not have this type of boiler installed because of the low water pressure of their system. So, we turned up to the job ready to survey the property and provide a quote for the customer to install a more basic boiler. However, we soon found a fault in the system that was the reason that they could not have a combi installed. Because we were not prepared for this type of boiler installation, we had to return to get this new model. It caused minor disruption to the process but was worth it to provide the perfect boiler for our customer. One of our engineers got on the case yesterday to fix this issue with his low pressure and install this Vaillant combi boiler for him. We were adamant that this was the best decision for the customer as combi boilers are the most high-tech and will be the best suited for his property, due to it only having 2 bathrooms.