Last week we received a call from a Cancer Trust property for a bathroom fitting in Worcester. They called us up and informed me that they had a room that was completely empty and needed an extra space for bathroom facilities. We drove to the property and inspected what would need to be done during the bathroom fitting. This included all plumbing and piping jobs. We ran them through their different options for sinks and toilets and we were informed about the different handles that were needed to be added to the room for support. 

Because of the specifics of the job in regards to the handles, it took a few days to get the necessary parts. Once we arrived at the property the installation was done within one day and ready to be used by the patients at the property. Throughout the process, we had to make sure that we had full PPE kit to hand, and that we were taking all the right precautions due to it being a high risk facility. As local plumbers, this is something we have become accustomed to over the last year in Worcester, so it was not an issue for our team.