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Customer Story, Boiler service, Worcester - WR3

worcester boiler service work

Last week, we carried out a boiler service in Worcester, near Fernhill Heath, WR3. It was for a new landlord and their boiler was one that we installed three years ago after they were in need of a replacement. The old boiler was beginning to break down because they were not looking after it properly. They never had a boiler service carried out, as they were living in the property themselves, but as they were now renting it out they were legally obliged to get it serviced – either way we recommend a service each year. By having regular boiler service, you protect your boiler from any minor breakdowns and increasing its lifespan. 

When we got to the property for their boiler service, we inspected the boiler and all its components by taking it apart and cleaning the individual elements. When we were inspecting the flues, we noticed a small amount of debris that had built up. We cleaned this out to remove any access dirt. This is an example of something that is not harmful at the time, but if it went unnoticed, it could lead to a breakdown and affect the hot water supply for your showers and radiators. Having your boiler service prevents these emergencies from happening. It is something that is so easy to do and prevents heating disaster. Apart from the flue build-up, all elements were working perfectly. We booked them in for a service next year.