Last week, we had a customer call up wanting a new boiler installation in Worcester, off Newton road. Their current boiler was faulty and they wanted us to strip it out and replace it with a new one. The issue they were having was with the hot water heating system and also the central heating. The boiler was breaking down and failing to heat up both the water for their showers and the water for the radiators. 

When we got there it was clear that a new boiler was necessary – their current one was extremely old and very run down. We stripped this out completely, ready for their new boiler. 

We then fitted the electric boiler – a pressurised cylinder and Amptec electric 6-kilowatt heater. This does the hot water and the heating, both on and off-peak.  The hot water storage tank will be reliable at ensuring the whole family gets hot water. They were very satisfied with the new boiler.