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A guide to Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon Key Info

Stratford upon Avon was a small market town in the 12th century where weekly markets were held so that craftsmen can come and sell their products and services. Over the centuries this town grew and has become an essential part of British history. For example, it was the birth place of William Shakespeare who is known for his famous literary works.

Stratford upon Avon has now become a haven for leading businesses in the region. And we are proud to say that we offer our excellent plumbing services to residential and commercial properties in this town. We have also visited many historical sites to help out with their plumbing and heating related issues.

Top Places to Visit in Stratford upon Avon

  • The Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatre: If you are a drama buff and enjoy an amazing evening watching classic Shakespearean plays, you must visit the Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatre. Go to the theatre to check out historical architecture while enjoying a classic play.
  • MAD Museum: If you want to see an amazing amalgamation of science and technology with arts, don’t forget to visit the MAD Museum. Both kids and adults will love it!
  • Anne Hathaway’s Cottage: No, not the Hollywood actress! This is the cottage where William Shakespeare courted Anne Hathaway who later became his wife. The cottage has romantic gardens which will no doubt leave you in a loving mood.
  • Stratford upon Avon Butterfly Farm: Want to check out beautiful and colourful free-flying butterflies. If so the Butterfly farm might be the right place for you. You can learn a lot about their features and lifecycle.

When you are visiting Stratford Upon Avon, you will be mesmerised by its picturesque views and historical venues. There are several must-see spots:

Apart from these places, Stratford upon Avon also has a couple of typical tourist spots such as the canal basins, the Holy Trinity church, town ghost walks, and more.

As a leading plumbers in Stratford Upon Avon, we would be interested in studying the plumbing and boiler system at these spots. But as a regular tourist, you don’t have to worry about that at all!

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Stratford upon Avon has a lot of historical importance. No matter whether you are a tourist or a business, you will find something of interest in this great town. With this basic information, you can certainly explore for days.